Donnerstag, 12. November 2009


The black branches squeak,

As the heavy snow falls deeply

Engulfing our tears.

The clouds remain still

light breaks through darkness

eternal delight

The clear water shines

With the laughter of children

happiness splashes all over.

Montag, 2. November 2009

Attack by Siegfried Sassoon (1886 - 1967)

Depicts the scene of an attack during a battle. It closely describes the actions of the soldiers and tank. The fear and hope of the soldiers are depicted during the attack.

  • listing: "with bombs and guns and shovels and battle -gear..."
  • Personification: "...tanks creep"

Freitag, 25. September 2009

Analysis of page 188 in “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest”

1. Context
The first time since years that Chief Bromden speaks and has a conversation with someone from the Combine. This specific scene depicts how Chief Bromden tells about his father, who was oppressed by his wife and the government to give away everything he has to the government. The father is oppressed by the Combine.
2. Themes, characters:
a. Themes:
· Self sacrifice vs. selfishness.
· Trust vs. mistrust.
· Control and opression
b. Characteristics:
Ø McMurphy
Ø Chief Bromden
· Expressed
Ø Chief Bromden is open to McMurphy and tells his family story.
Ø Chief Bromden talks openly. However, it seems as if he would suffer under what had happened to his dad. Sad atmosphere.
· Reinforced.
c. A change is taking place
Ø Chief Bromden gains trust and strength through McMurphy.
a. He dares to speak about his feelings.
b. He dares to speak against the Combines.
3. Motifs and symbols:
a. Big and small
b. Symbol – the hight of the people.
4. What drives this text?
a. Language
· Repetition
· Overstatement
b. Structure
· Diction – easy, no clauses.
c. Imagery
· “real moose of an old lady”
d. Rhetoric

Montag, 7. September 2009

Outline of modest proposal

· State the problem which Indonesia is facing:
o Low economy
o High unemployment
o Constant population increase
o No industrialization
o Poor government
o Poverty

2nd paragraph
· State reason why it is necessary to introduce a new solution.
· Why it is fair to introduce a new solution.

3rd paragraph:
· Slowly introduce the solution, however do not state the solution clearly.
· State that there can be change when the government and people would lose more control over their own life style and decision.
· Makes some comments about what would improve in Indonesia:
o It would become more productive.
o Unemployment would decrease

4th paragraph:
· State another reason why your scheme would be good for Indonesia:
o The rate of population would decrease, leaving more food to everyone.
§ If women do not have to look after children they can work.

5th paragraph:
· State clearly what your proposal is supposed to solve.
· Why it is important to introduce the proposal.

6th paragraph:
· State you intention of the proposal now clearly:
o Therefore, The American oil company should own Indonesia and rule it.

7th paragraph:
· Make paragraphs of every positive aspect which would be made if the proposal would be made real:
o Unemployment – would decrease because the company would order children, women, old men and young men to work 24 hours a day to make the greatest profits of oil production for America.
o Rate of population growth – would decrease because the Oil companies would set through a law, which says who is allowed to have a baby at what time period. If this is neglected then the family will be punished. In addition, people will not have time to make babies as they have to work all the time.
o Industrialization – Indonesia, will become one big company which will only be controlled by technology and machines. In addition, the company will control the people by watching them through cameras located throughout the country.
o Poverty would decrease – since everyone would have a job, everyone will be supply with the same apartment and same amount of food needed. This makes everyone equal and able to survive.
o The government – will be led by the company who wants to make as much profit as possible, therefore, they will only regard having to make a better economy. This will cause more income for the government, company. Since the people are anyway well off, the income can be used to “help” other nations as well such as America.

8th Paragraph:
· That I can think of no bad argument against this proposal.
· Summarize all positive aspects the proposal will bring

· I only want the best for Indonesia
· This is the best for Indonesia
· If this would be introduced Indonesia will have a marvelous future.

Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

Hit men in Iran


Experts claim that front companies, sabotages and hit men are used to stop the weapon project in Iran. To achieve this aim assassinations are even planned out against top figures working on atomic weapons for Iran.


The United States and Israel fear that Iran might proceed in building atomic weapons. However, since President Barack Obama has been elected Israel feels a change in attitude coming from Washington.


Israel realizes that Obama is not willing to attack Iran, however, he offers peace between him and Tehran. The aim is to stop Iran developing atomic weapons. The American government wants to solve this problem without military force.


However, a former CIA officer believes that it is impossible to stop the development of atomic weapons in Iran. America’s goal is to delay the process of the project until another solution has been found.


Reva Bhalla explains that with the co - operation of America, Israeli is able to sabotage the nuclear supply chain of Iran. This would stop the program and fear of atomic weapons.


The sudden death of the Iranian nuclear scientist Ardeshire Hassanpour now seems very mysterious. Many believe that he was killed on purpose to stop the atomic weapon projects. Other deaths have been reported which could be a result of sabotages to the weapon project. Israel is willing to kill people in order to stop Iran gain more power through atomic weapons.


The Iranian government became worried about penetration of the program and therefore, it began arresting spies.  


Many believe that Israeli’s attempts are useless since the program has already reached a high status in Iran. The program had secretly existed for many years and has only been discovered 2002. Due to this it will be very hard to stop the project now in 2009.


Hit men are the once being asked to stop the atomic weapon program in. They try to do this by sabotaging Iran and murdering scientists. The hit men now have to safe their countries out of programs they have introduced. 

The truth about Bechtel


The Bechtel Cooperation is one of the biggest engineering construction companies in America. The Bechtel Company built half of the nuclear power plants around the world. This is a very famous and popular company that is constantly booked for new projects in other nations. Bechtel is a private company and therefore, does not have to disclose its profits.


Since the company has been started, many have claimed that the company uses false methods to receive their profits. They are blamed for using the influence of friends, decreasing workers rights and using 3rd world military solutions to solve problems with local people who disagree with their projects.


The Bechtel Company also has a close connection with the CIA and with the Agency for International Development. As for example, the company received 4.3 million dollars from the International Development Agency to help countries as Morocco, Costa Rica and Jamaica to modernize.


Bechtel particularly gained support from Ronald Reagan, when he was governor of California. Reagan increased electricity rates and hired Bechtel to built other nuclear power plants. However, Bechtel also gained support from Dwight Eisenhower, George Bush, George Shultz and McCone (Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission).


The Bechtel Company built a U.S. airforce base in South Vietnam, although local people protested that it should not be built. Today, the fishermen complain because of toxic wastes.


The Bechtel Company constructed the first privately owned fuel reprocessing plant in New York. However, six years later it had to be closed down. The result of the plant was that 600,000 gallons of radioactive wastes were buried in the ground and 163 tons of irradiated fuel was left behind.


In addition, Bechtel persuaded the American government that nuclear energy is the most powerful source of the future. This caused the government to invest in nuclear energy sources, rather then in projects involving around new energy sources.


During the partnership between Bechtel and WMC, 800 workers were sponsored from Bechtel to work in the Roxby Company. Nevertheless, now the workers are on strike fighting for new and better working conditions. This uprising began after a group of workers became ill due to a sulphuric acid leak.


This company gains a great income due to their powerful connections in nations. They do not regard what would be best for the population or the environment. For their own benefit they are willing to destroy the environment and go against human rights.


Truth about Halliburton Truth About Halliburton.htm


Many members of Anti – Bush and left wing groups believe that the campaign contributions have helped to reconstruct new contracts for. This theory is supported when one takes a closer look at the two companies Bechtel and Halliburton and their reconstruction contracts.


Studies have proven that of the 10 largest contractors only 4 have made contributions greater than 250,000 over a time period of 12 years. However, there are also exceptions, for example the Bechtel and Halliburton company have spend millions of dollars for political contributions, nevertheless, other companies believe that this money was not the reason for the countries success.


As there is great uncertainty about the reliability of the contractors, governments are very carful about partnerships with contractors. However, as other people move against the Halliburton company others support it. As for example Clinton’s undersecretary of commerce protects Halliburton and says:


„This is a group of people who know what they’re doing in a difficult business. „


Other people claim that Halliburton was chosen among many companies in order to make contracts with Iraq. This would support the Americans while they are trying to fix Iraq and abolish terrorism.


2003 Halliburton was asked to implement the classified oil – fire plan. Halliburton was asked to do this job although there was war in the country.


Based on these facts Clinton used the United States in the Balkans to benefit Halliburton. Fact is that under Clinton, Halliburton had received hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuilt Kosovo and Haiti. However, Halliburton has used that money built jails at Guantanamo Bay, a base in Kuwait, an air station in Spain and a facility slammed by a typhoon in Guam.


However, although Halliburton has done a lot of harm for it’s own benefits they still get a lot of support from international army’s and governments.


In addition, the question arises if Halliburton gained a lot of profits from the Iraq war. Many believe that the company has gained huge numbers of money from the work they have done during the Iraq war.

Nevertheless, according to the statistics of the company, they had not made such a great profit from the war. In 2003, Halliburton earned 85 million dollars from 3.6 billion dollars in Iraq contracts. In 2004, the company reported that they earned 1.4% of a 1.7billion worth contract in Iraq. According to these numbers, the success of Halliburton decreased once they had engaged in these businesses.

Another proof that Halliburton has not been profiting from the Iraq war is that it’s stock prices were fallings not climbing. If the company had been successful, then their socks would have increased.


Halliburton gains about 2/3 of the profits of it’s businesses in Iraq, 1/3 from the LOGCAP contract and 1/3 from the RIO (restoring Iraqi oil) contract. The RIO contract is controversial since it was made before the war and made in secret. Halliburton was chosen to complete this contract, since they were the only company able to complete the task according to CEO David Lesar.


Halliburton was not punished for bad service, accept when they had to pay a fine of 5.1 million dollars to the pentagon.


Later it was discovered that the pentagon discovered that Halliburton overcharged gasoline with 61 million dollars. After this Halliburton offered to pay 6.3 million dollars back to the pentagon.


Although there are a lot of facts speaking against Halliburton, many still claim that they did a great job. Especially the American soldiers in Iraq appreciated the work of Halliburton.


The work the company has made in Iraq was not profitable. There is no evidence that the American government had given the contracts (RIO) before the Iraq war was announced. Therefore, it is very difficult to proof if Halliburton is guilty or not.